Brenda (Coming Soon)

Young Mother | Survivor of a Poor Self-Relationship | Mindfully Kind

A bit about me. 

Life is tough.

From cradle to death, we cannot separate ourselves from our interconnectedness. We trust, question, expect, sacrifice, believe, fight, quarrel, get hurt, hope, and perhaps most importantly, love.

My relationship with myself has gotten me into much trouble over the years. Self-loathing, extreme behaviour, being bullied, bullying, finding love in wrong places, endless comparisons, hopelessness, seeking trouble, over-giving, the list goes on. The insidiousness of a poor self-relationship can truly affect every stage of your life, especially when many of us cannot easily extricate ourselves. If you are struggling with this, I wish to say to you over this passage that: our struggles and existence is valid, and it is important.

I may be able to help you look inwards, test beliefs, love yourself and to etch self-love into your heart. I unwaveringly believe, we were born with beautiful souls, and we must protect, soothe and nourish our hearts to weather the storms of life. Only then, can we see the gifts within us, and around us.

I am a professional and a young mummy too. I would also be honoured and humbled to hold space for you to share about raising young children, being a working mother, relationship strains and toxic workplaces.

Sending you a virtual hug wherever you are, whatever you are going through.


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