Chris Lai

Depression survivor | Psychology Graduate | Experienced grief & loss

A bit about me. 

Hello, my name is Chris. At the age of 10, I experienced episodes of existential depression (i.e. meaninglessness of existence) which continues to this day. I studied pharmacy, philosophy, and psychology to find a cure.

Depression is not just an illness. It is a part of you- living, breathing, lonely, scared and afraid. And it has much to teach you. How to treat yourself with love and respect, and eventually, how to help others who walk the same road as you do.

In April 2020, I lost my dad to a sudden heart attack. It triggered my depression again and I experienced intense grief and loss. But I survived and am wiser for the experience. With loss, with grief, with life, and the love of the people who still need you.

My name is Chris, and this is my story.

What's yours?

(p.s. The bird in the picture said "hooman, what r u doin!? hooman, put me down!")

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