Han (Back Soon)

Learning to be at peace | Counsellor-in-training

A bit about me. 

As a kid, I suffered from bullying and often felt lonely. What kept me going was my mum's love and a belief that I would one day do something meaningful for this world. However, I never had anyone I felt comfortable enough to open my heart to. I kept all the pain inside myself.

Thankfully, over the past 5 years, I'm a lot more at peace. Thanks to the generosity of people and organisations that selflessly shared their wisdom, I learnt mindfulness, journalling and nonviolent communication. These practices have helped me be more connected to my feelings and needs, and give myself the soothing balm of compassion and acceptance.

I'm still very much on a learning journey. I still struggle to accept where I am now and the uncertainty of my future. So I'm studying counselling in the hope of helping myself and others be at peace.

I believe everyone has beauty and strength within. We all have our struggles and we've all made mistakes. But none of these define you.

Let me know if you need a listening ear =)

Booking Policy (Important)

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