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Pin Hui

Aspiring Psychologist | Always ready to listen | Counselling student

A bit about me. 

"Just be happy?" that's what they always question. But do they understand how we feel?

Hi, I'm Pin Hui, currently pursuing a Bachelor's in counselling at the Singapore University of Social Science. Whenever there are setbacks in life, there's always this cliché statement that is usually being mentioned, "Just be happy". Life, in its unpredictable nature, often thrusts us into unforeseen circumstances, accompanied by the familiar refrain of the advice to "Just be happy."

In the realm of empathetic communication and unwavering support, I am ready to lend you a compassionate ear. Armed with a profound commitment to genuine understanding and a pledge to foster a judgment-free space, I extend an invitation for open conversations and heartfelt dialogue.

In essence, I am not just a listener; I am a companion on your journey, ready to navigate the labyrinth of emotions with you. Let our dialogues be a testament to the transformative power of genuine connection, where openness and authenticity reign supreme. Together, we embark on a voyage of self-discovery and shared understanding, free from the constraints of judgment

My dream? A world where mental health isn't this big, scary thing but more like a journey towards feeling good. I'm excited to be a part of your story, cheering you on every step of the way.

So, if you're on the lookout for someone who’s all about embracing all your worries, and turning the serious stuff into a casual chat, then I'm your mental health confidant. Let's make the journey as transparent and empowering as possible, tackling this together—because you deserve a mental health journey that feels just right. 🌟

Booking Policy (Important)

Advanced Booking Required:

Bookings are shown only for the next 30 days and close 48 hours before the session begins.



Rescheduling disclaimer:

  • Hear buds may not always be available on the slots you have booked them for.

  • The admin team will email you to reschedule if the hear bud is not available.


  • Our Hear Buds will leave the call after 10 mins if you don't show up.

  • We'll need an email verification from you if you wish to book again after a no-show.

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