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Let's make a change together.

Your support and generosity helps to keep us going. At present, we depend on crowd-sourced funds and corporate sponsorships to support our platform!

It's thank to your help that we've been able to reach out personally to 1500+ Singaporeans and counting since we started in Sep 2021 🙂

Help us continue to make a difference.

Help us make no Singaporean ever feel like they are struggling alone.

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I'm an

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Let's work together to change lives!

Employee Wellbeing Programs

We partner with private and social enterprise to offer our subsidised counselling services at our Resident Counselling Clinic at Holland Close.

Private Enterprises: Further 10% on partnership

Social Enterprises / Charities: Further 20 - 40% on partnership

For enquiries:

Whatsapp: 8780 1095


Image by Anatoliy Shostak

Other Partnerships!

  • Bespoke workshops

  • Co-host events

  • Cross-Referrals!


Our counsellors help to support this whole-of-singapore government initiative by tackling questions from youths in their "Ask-a-Therapist" forum :)​


We partnered with C3 to target youths 18 - 25 and help spread awareness on mental health! This program is starting in March 2023 and we will extending our subsidised counselling services to youths :)

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