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Let's make a change together.

Your support and generosity helps to keep us going. At present, we depend on crowd-sourced funds and corporate sponsorships to support our platform!

It's thank to your help that we've ben able to reach out personally to 1500+ Singaporeans and counting since we started in Sep 2021 🙂

Help us continue to make a difference.

Help us make no Singaporean ever feel like they are struggling alone.

I'm an

I'm an

What can you do to help?

Help fund a youth's Healing Journey!

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health merch!

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Let's work together to change lives!

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Employee Wellbeing Programs

We partner with private and social enterprise to offer our subsidised counselling services at our Resident Counselling Clinic at Holland Close.

Private Enterprises: Further 10% on partnership

Social Enterprises / Charities: Further 20 - 40% on partnership

For enquiries:

Whatsapp: 8780 1095


Image by Anatoliy Shostak

Other Partnerships!

  • Bespoke workshops

  • Co-host events

  • Cross-Referrals!


Our counsellors help to support this whole-of-singapore government initiative by tackling questions from youths in their "Ask-a-Therapist" forum :)​


We partnered with C3 to target youths 18 - 25 and help spread awareness on mental health! This program is starting in March 2023 and we will extending our subsidised counselling services to youths :)

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