Image by Sharon McCutcheon

We're glad you're here.

Hi there Young'un!

What kind of help are you looking for?


Right! You want someone to speak to.

But first, can we check if you...

Have Suicidal thoughts or want to harm yourself?

Have been harmed or wrongly "touched" by someone?

Neither of the above.

I'm just looking for support.


Really sorry you feel this way...

It's very important that you call the below immediately ok?


Call 1-767


Otherwise, if you think you need more ongoing support in your life.

Click the below.


Oh no. Let's make sure you can reach out to the right place.

Which of below describes what's going on?

I've been sexually
abused / molested.

There has been violence at home.. 


Introducing you to IMPART.SG


They are a mental health organisation that pairs you up with an ongoing friend or buddy to walk with you through life's up's and down's.


Okay, don't be afraid and call below ok? 

AWARE hotline:

6779 0282


You're a brave, young person. Go on, call the below.

National Anti-Violence Helpline (NAVH)