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Lead Content Strategist & Marketing :)

My Story

I am currently an undergraduate student pursuing a major in Sociology. While my time in school has allowed me to view societal issues more objectively and critically, I was particularly made more aware of the struggles faced and the differential life circumstances people are in. This has enhanced my desire and commitment to extend support in ways that I can.


To share a little bit more about myself, I find joy in taking photos and exploring new places. I have immense affection and fondness for animals, and I am currently on a mission to spot otters around Singapore (I have failed countless times). I am also actively engaged in various volunteer work as I seek ways to acquire new experiences and serve the community meaningfully.


I am thankful to be given this platform to hopefully bring comfort to people and expand my knowledge on mental wellness. I wish to build a community where one will feel valued and loved, no matter the kinds of adversities they face! 

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