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Heading up our Discord Server!

My Story

Hello!! I am Jasmyne - a typical Gen Z who is still figuring out life. I am a passionate advocate for mental health who loves hearing stories/perspective of different matters from people - kinda like a friendly kaypoh!

I've unfortunately experienced mostly the downs of the mental health scene in Singapore which is why it makes me so enthusiastic to be able to grow along side with it. I like putting a smile on people's faces especially with my jokes and laughter but the best compliment that I have received would be people telling me I have made a huge difference in their lives/ they found the courage to start seeking professional help after talking to me (*terms and conditions might apply to different individuals).


I definitely have faced many problems with the MOE system due to my mild ADHD (that was diagnosed like VERY recently) so, feel free to drop by if you have any rants or just need someone to validate you.

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