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Hi, I'm Marianne.


Hello! My name is Marianne. I'm a counsellor-in-training based in Singapore. 

Why speak to me?


I've personally struggled with my own mental health issues and I've learnt and grown so much from therapy over the years. The best investment you'll ever make is in yourself and my hope is that you'll be able to benefit from therapy too.


I'm still in the process of learning and my go-to approaches are Person-Centered Therapy and Psychodynamic Therapy. I believe that every individual is unique and we can work together to figure out what's best for you.


Over the years of volunteering with various organisations, I've journeyed with youths and young adults through a variety of issues. Some issues I'm familiar with: Anxiety, Depression, Self-Harm, Suicide Ideation, Cancer, Grief/Loss, Childhood Trauma, Addiction, Family/Relationship Issues, Stress/Burnout. 


Regardless of the issue, I'm open to anyone who needs a listening ear and I'll do my best to support you through the issues you're facing. My goal is to create a safe space for you to process your emotions and there's nothing too big or too small!

My Availability


  • Weekday afternoons

  • Saturdays: 1-3pm

(Feel free to reach out to me if you'd like to work together but are unavailable on the timings stated.)





  • [In Progress] Post-Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology, College of Allied Educators – SAC Accredited

Fill in the sign-up form to book a session with me: 

For other enquiries:

WhatsApp: +65 8780 1095

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