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Hi, I'm Melissa.


Hello! I am Melissa, an intern counsellor (in-training) currently offering online counselling.


Life's path often leads us through unexpected challenges, leaving us feeling adrift, wounded, or perplexed. Regardless of the complexity of your current situation, please know that it's absolutely okay to be here seeking guidance.


If you're ready, we can collaborate at a pace comfortable for you, delving into the root of your concerns and charting a course through this demanding chapter of your life.


Why speak to me?


I am a strong advocate of the transformative power that comes from genuine, non-judgmental listening. My commitment lies in actively lending you a listening ear, creating a compassionate and safe space where you can openly share your thoughts and emotions. My profound acceptance of you, regardless of your background, form the foundation of our journey together.


My aim is to facilitate your self-discovery, empowering you to face challenges with increased selfassurance and set attainable goals to enhance your emotional and mental well-being.

My Availability


As I am presently balancing a full-time job and part-time studies, I would like to express my apologies for being only available on some weekday evenings and weekends.  



  • English



  • Currently studying: Post-Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology (accredited by Singapore Association for Counselling)

  • Graduate Diploma in Social Work (SUSS)

For enquires on booking a session with me:

WhatsApp: +65 8780 1095

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