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Lead Designer & Social Media Strategist :)

My Story

I am currently a polytechnic student finishing up my diploma in social work.


Growing up, I always had a soft spot for vulnerable groups (be it people or animals) and yearned to support them in any way I could. Joining a social work course further opened my eyes to the many segments of people who needed support, expanded my knowledge on the difficulties they experienced, the importance of recognising their strengths and gave me opportunities to interact with them. Through these, my determination and passion to help have increased profoundly. 


Outside of studies and school, I enjoy sketching and creating artworks during my free time. Art has been a lifelong hobby and passion of mine, and I am continuously trying to hone my skills in this area. Aside from this, like many others I also enjoy binge watching shows (Korean, Japanese, Chinese etc. the list goes on!) with the occasional snacking whenever my stomach feels bored (which is pretty often).😅


I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this project as it allows me to truly fulfil my passion of helping others and even better still….through art! It is my greatest hope that this project would bring you comfort and put a smile on your face. 

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