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Hsiu Mei

Body Image Positivity | Say no to bullying | Social Worker

About this session :)

My Story: “Society is constructed in a manner where we are left with no choice but to follow and accept norms, but that’s society, YOU are an individual. Individuals are unique, as there is only one YOU. YOU are so much more to take charge of yourself. YOU hold your own destiny. Never ever let yourself be trampled by society. Fight for yourself, speak out. It’s okay not to be okay. “ I always thought that growing up in a happy family would make me happy. But that was not the case. As an only child, my parents showered me with love and attention but I found myself craving for more. I began to realise life is not a bed of roses and I slowly lose the limelight I used to have. I realised my blunt and outgoing personality made me susceptible to being bullied in school. I felt I was not good enough to meet society’s expectations; to be smart, pretty and shy away from the limelight. I started to have self-doubt and low self-esteem. Being overweight in the past, I did not feel deserving of a relationship. I was made fun of, for being stupid and fat. As the only child, I was seen as self-centred. As a result of being misunderstood, I became anxious and emotionally sensitive. Why am I here? I decided to take charge and lost weight to boost my self-esteem. I succumbed to society’s expectations. It has made me confident yet I had to suppress my insecurities. Now, YOU, who at this point in time, facing struggles, insecurities, anxieties and uncertainties, let me follow you through the path. Remember, it is okay not to be okay.

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