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IASH Empathy Circles - ANXIETY (14 Jun)

Let's talk about "anxiety"

About this session :)

Struggling with anxiety is something a lot of people around us don't understand. In this 2 hour group, we'd like to invite you to safe place to talk about your experiences with anxiety. -- What to expect: We'll have two peer support facilitators to help run this group: 1) Hernping - who you'll know from and is a psychologist and Resident Counsellor at himself. And as a fun note, has been diagnosed with generalised anxiety on the past too. 2) Brian - who has a masters of counselling but is still trying to find hiz way through life while also dealing with anxiety. THE THING IS... EVERYONE OF US HERE HAS EXPERIENCED ANXIETY. This is a safe space as any can be, so why not join us for an informal, supportive and inclusive chat? As a bit of a heads up, this will be the basic structure for the day okay!? - Very brief Introductions (Name to call you by) - What you hope to get out of this support group/what piqued your curiosity? - Breakout into smaller groups of FIVE. - Sharing on your experiences with anxiety and what kind of feelings it invokes in you. - How has anxiety impacted you in the past and present? - How do you manage anxiety when you notice it arising? One thing we hope to get out of this is how we can learn from each other. - Sharings by our facilitators on approaches to handle anxiety too :) - What can we do as a support group to continually help each other and create impact on others? Important notes: - Do try to come by 7pm 🙏 - Bring an open mind and a willing heart to be vulnerable ♥️ please! Again, remember that what we are all striving for is a safe space. A safe space to be heard and to be believed. Because that is how we heal.

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