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MH x Arts & Crafts (20 July)

2PM @ BISHAN PARK - a casual get-together to talk and make arts and crafts:)

About this session :)

We'd like to invite and open this session to anyone interested in making doodles or simple crafts about mental health together. It doesn't matter if you have no prior experience in arts and crafts, or if you're a seasoned expert! As a heads up, this will be a casual two-hour session involving: - Introducing yourself to your new arts and crafts buddies (including me). - A you time to share a bit more about who you are and what you do, as well as what are some of the struggles you've had or are currently having. - We'll then come up with a topic to talk about together or otherwise our facilitators will suggest :) - and we'll go ahead and make some arts and crafts. You'll have the choice between making: - simple beaded keychains / bracelets. - doodles art with either crayons on paper, or digital through your phone/tablets. - we will wrap up the session with some sharing, and a ‘art swap’ activity. We hope to share your stories, words and art with the world (anonymously of course).

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