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We need to communicate in our Relationships | Counselling Trainee

About this session :)

I grew up wanting recognition from my parents. Thus, I did not usually make decisions from my own wants and became directionless as I grew up. Be it the choice of my school course to the choice of my working place, I did not really thought deep and just went with the flow of life. When I stepped into adulthood, I made a lot of mistakes in life. I was poor in communication and could not sit down and discuss things with my loved ones. I even hit rock bottom in my marriage. It was after hitting rock bottom that I discovered the need to involve deep conversations in my relationships. I was also helped by a counsellor in my marriage. Thus, I realised I felt strongly about helping people and am currently embarking on a journey to be a counsellor. I have a dream to help people discover themselves and build meaningful relationships with their loved ones. If you need a listening ear, feel free to talk to me and I hope you will feel better after that.

Cancellation Policy

Bookings are shown only for the next 30 days. An advance booking of 2 days prior to the session is required. Hear bud appointments may still be subject to change and cancellations depending on our volunteers. The admin team will email you to reschedule if the hear bud is not available. Cancellations: Do let our Hear Buds know in advance by emailing No-shows: Our Hear Buds will leave the call after 10 mins if you don't show up. We'll need an email verification from you if you wish to book again after a no-show.

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