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Shawn the "Mid-Career Change Guide"

Running an engineering business to Counsellor-in-training

About this session :)

'I cannot imagine myself doing this career in ten-years time.' This was the message that was engraved in my mind when I took the plunge to embark on a mid-career switch. When I graduated at the age of 25, I could not find a job due to the slow economy. It was then that my father asked me to come help out at his company. Thinking that I was there to 'help', I just went ahead. Little did I know then that I would be in the company till today, 18 years later! My father runs an engineering company. I remember the initial stages, I just followed whatever the engineers tasked me to do. Being the 'prince' of the company, I was given special privileges and my training was relaxed. I did whatever I was told without understanding the engineering knowledge behind the work. After a few years and without much credit, I was 'promoted' to a management position. Being young, I was thinking of re-vamping the company to craft it according to my wishes. I thought I was 'helping' my colleagues by changing many things which I thought would be beneficial. Alas, all my plans backfired badly and I was left deeply frustrated as my colleagues did not 'follow' my changes. It took a while before I grew an interest in management. But without strong experience of management, I continued to bump my head on the wall as I tried to make decisions. During these years, I still paid little attention to the engineering part. Eight years ago, I deeply understood I do not have interest in engineering. My heart tells me something is not right. My preference is more of interactions with people instead of machines! I realise that the 8 hours that I spend on work daily should be put into effort doing something of my interest. Yet, I kept putting the major decision of changing my career on hold. Sometimes I would think that I still have unfinished stuff in the company and I could not leave. Sometimes I would worry about how I could approach my father to discuss. It was three years ago that I decided enough is enough. I finally took the plunge to embark on changing my career. I decided to pursue a career in counselling and I am now taking part-time Bachelor of Counselling to open the door for me into this industry. There was also the major consideration of finances when doing this, and you can ask me about how I chose this over running a pub. Anyway, these were the ups and downs of my journey. Feel free to reach out to me if ever you face the dilemma of a career switch. Let's talk.

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