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Hi, I'm Edna.


Hello there! I am Edna, an intern counsellor (counsellor-in-training).

Life is a journey!

I believe we need not go through this journey alone, and at some points, we need someone to journey along with our lives. While I recognize the end goal is important, I value the process of going through the journey to reach the end.

Why speak to me?


I enjoy listening to and hearing individuals' life challenges while exploring life perspectives together. I acknowledge that one is limited in his or her own understanding, while the experiences encountered are precious learnings that I would like to find out to further explore and help us to be better people.

I have been a para-counselor doing Cybercounseling and am currently in the midst of completing my master’s degree in counseling. I invest my time to increase my knowledge through different workshops and courses to seek to understand so as to be part of wherever life journey you are at right now.

P.S. I am a dog lover.

My Availability


  • Monday, Thursday and Friday Mornings

  • Wednesday Afternoons


​I am bilingual in English and Mandarin.


  • Master of Arts in Counselling, TCA College (in progress)

Fill in the sign-up form to book a session with me: 

For other enquiries:

WhatsApp: +65 8780 1095

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