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 This Is Our Story 

Have you ever wished there was "someone" you could talk to without any fear or judgment?

Well, so did we.

We are a bunch of ordinary Singaporeans who started this platform. All of us have gone through major events in our lives. Be it losing a loved one, being lost in life, going through job burnout, failing in business, experiencing mental illness or going through therapy - it's nothing we aren't familiar with.

There is real comfort in talking openly and honestly with another person. It allows us to feel heard, validated, and assure ourselves that our problems are real and not imaginary. However, maybe at this point of your life now, this genuine, "safe person" doesn't exist.

That's okay, we've all been there.


Bridging the gap in Mental Wellbeing.


We know how tough it is to talk about your issues here in Singapore. I can't tell you how many people out there are being shushed each day, laughed at or dismissed as over-sensitive or "weak", when all they ever wanted was to express themselves when they were feeling down. 
 Without the right support, without being able to share what's on your mind without the fear of being judged or laughed at, it's all just going to build up inside of you.
Pent-up feelings that have nowhere to go.
Then there's always Professional Treatment in our Hospitals and private practices you could go to. In fact, it's something we actively encourage! However, you might think that the problem you are going through hasn't reached the stage that you want to visit that avenue. Perhaps you're not sure if that's right for you. Or it's too intimidating or expensive.
Hey, we totally get it.

And that's why we created our free 
Hear Buds service.

Hear Buds are here to listen whenever you need it - no judgment, no advice, no over-talking - just real heart-to-heart listening. Sometimes, all we really want is someone to talk to and to lend a listening ear.

We believe that the simple act of talking to someone about your problems, however big or small, will make huge changes in your life. We are here to listen with an open mind and converse in non-judgmental tones.

Our Impact.

Our main service comes in at the Community Care level. You can also find us on our Discord Server. It's a place to share and open up on your vulnerabilities. Don't worry, our Hear Buds are there to chip in as well.
We also provide various resources at the Self-Care level - including a podcast called The Labelled Life and articles contributed by our volunteers.

Lastly, if you ever needed more Professional Counselling or Therapy, we've got that covered too. And yes, it's all absolutely free.

I hope you try us out. Anyway, thank you for letting us share our story.

We look forward to walking alongside you!

So, hey you, don't struggle alone.




Image by Fakurian Design

Join the Team!

Be the light in someone's life.

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