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Trained to Listen



Your Buddy

Peer Supporter

Genuinely Cares

Life is hard and full of Challenges.

We Singaporeans tend to keep our burdens to ourselves. 

Open up and find comfort in someone who really understands. Our HEAR BUDs are here to help in your struggles.

What do HEAR BUDs do?

Our Hear Buds are Trained Listeners. This doesn't mean we just passively listen.


We practice Person-Centered Listening to get the root of your problems. Then we collaborate with you to move forward.


It's a safe & quiet space.

When you book a free 40-min session, what you talk about with your HEAR BUD is kept confidential*.

How does it work?

Choose a HEAR BUD & select a time.

Select 1) Video, 2) Voice or 3) Text.

A Zoom link 
will be sent via email.

Join the Zoom meeting & speak to your HEAR BUD at the scheduled time!

Your Confidentiality is super important!

You only need to share your

Nickname & Email.

Only your Hear Bud & 

Admin sees those details.

What you share will never leave your Hear Bud!

Some of things people talk about...

Study Anxieties.

Stress at Work.

A Recent Break-up.

Feeling like nobody listens.

A Tough Life Decision.

Support in-between


We will NOT:

❌ Give you advice that you didn't ask for.
❌ Ever say it's not thattt bad.
❌ Bore you with our own stories.
❌ Come up with 1,001 solutions for you.
❌ Tell you what is "Right" or "Wrong".
❌ Say that it's wrong you're feeling that way.

We will:

✔️ Walk with you through your own solutions.
✔️  Step into your shoes with you.
✔️  Understand your problem is unique to you.
✔️  Be a sounding board for you.
✔️  Unconditionally believe in you.
✔️  Tell you that your feelings are valid! It's who you are!

"Thank you (Hear Bud) for making me feel less alone!"

Female, 30s

"My Hear Bud was also open to sharing her experiences with me, which made me feel like I wasn't alone in facing such a situation."

Female, 20s

"Days after the session, whenever I feel down, I’ll still think back to all the encouraging things my HEAR BUD had said to me and encourage myself the same way as well!"

Female, 20s

"My Hear Bud created a safe and welcoming space for me to share."

Female, 20s

"Thanks so much for listening to me! I'm going to continue to keep trying to accept who I am."

Male, 30s

"I've been feeling depressed for the last 4 months but felt motivated and hopeful after talking. My Hear Bud helped me to understand why I was feeling so lost."

Female, 20s

"Very friendly, encouraging. Gave me something to think about and reflect. I felt understood and validated throughout this little session."

Female, 20s

"My Hear Bud is really empathetic and provides good suggestions and tips to cope with my struggles. Appreciate it very much.."

Female, 20s

Join Us as a HEAR BUD!

Be the light in someone's life.