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To you out there who feels lost in life.

This is how I'm finding myself again.

Like many, my life stands on multiple pillars.

Family, romantic relationship, friendships, and my career - hese are all very important to me.

There are times when one of these pillars wobbles, while other times a pillar collapses while the others remain strong and sturdy. The sturdy pillars provide me with hope, strength, and support to rebuild the ones that have collapsed.

The worst of times come when many of these pillars get destroyed one after another, like a domino effect. Have you ever felt like in some seasons of your life, things just don’t go the way you expect, and you get one blow after another that leaves you devastated and burnt out, not knowing where to begin your rebuild?

I was laid off from my first full-time job within a span of one month, and that made me lose my sense of purpose and direction.

While coping with the sudden change in the pace of my day-to-day activities, my pet hamster, which had been my daily dose of joy, fell sick and passed away a month later. While I am still dealing with the grief, I still had to muster up the strength and courage to embark on the journey of job hunting again in the midst of the economic climate and many news of layoffs filling my socials. I was also filled with self-doubt as I faced rejections after rejections from the interviews I went for.

To make matters worse, my then-partner was also unable to provide me with the emotional support I required. While coping with the many collapsed pillars and trying to rebuild those, my energy was also spent on the many arguments we had. Eventually, I found the courage to end the relationship, which was really difficult given that it was my first romantic relationship into which I had poured my heart.

Eventually, I was able to get my life back in order.

Looking back, I realised things happened for a reason and it all made sense now that I am able to connect the dots.

If you are going through a tough season, remember, don’t give up and be kind to yourself.

Seasons come and go, and spring will come, and things will eventually fall into place. Someday when you trace back your journey and steps in the future, you will realise that life is full of redirection, and there are many pathways to your destination.

Leaving you readers with a quote from the book ‘The Choice’ by Edith Eger,

“Even in hell, hope can flower.

With love,



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