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5 easy tips to get started with Gratitude Journalling.

Is the thought of writing down each day putting you off? Don't worry, you don't even need to write every day to benefit from journalling!

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Gratitude Journaling has become an increasingly popular activity over the years.

This is especially so in Ang Moh Land.

The popularity of this useful journalling activity is not strange at all, since the benefits are plentiful.

Research has shown that the act of reflecting and writing down the things we are thankful for each week can offer:

  • Better sleep.

  • Make us physically healthier

  • Become less stressed.

  • And also make us happier.

For us Singaporeans, speaking on average of course, we aren't big fans of journalling.

"Huh, writing down diary entries each day? Sian max lah. Machiam writing story of my life!"