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Are these 10 Self-narratives affecting your Relationships?

The first step is to notice them.

Our mind is hard-wired to create narratives.

Whether you know it or not, you and I are walking around each day interpreting the world through various narratives about ourselves and other people.

Just imagine for a day that we had two people who went to the same exact job. They did the same amount of work as each other that day, interacted with their colleagues to the same degree that day, and so on.

Yet, both might interpret their day differently.

For example, one of them might reflect on this day and go:

"I did well today" or

"Meh, it was okay"

On the other hand, the second person, perhaps someone who has a harsher narrative about themselves, might think:

"I didn't do enough. Sigh, I feel useless again".

As you can see, every one of us has different narratives abou