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How to create a Happy Human Being.

A little blueprint for Happiness.

Imagine we had to create a Happy little Being from scratch.

Let's start afresh with an empty shell - a walking, talking and breathing cute little Being - but as of now, devoid of emotions, experiences, hobbies, a job, and all the rest of the good and bad gunk that all of us currently have in our lives.

Our job is to make it become a happy Being. Easier said then done right? Well then, what's the first thing that you might give it?

In the context of making it Happy, the most obvious one I would start with are Happy Emotions.

Ingredient 1. Happy Emotions

Well, this one is kind of like, 'Duh'. Yet let's think about this for a second. Happiness doesn't really come out of nowhere does it?

What currently makes you happy in your life? At the very base layer, it would probably be a bunch of pleasurable experiences - things that you love doing and gives you an innate sense of happiness.

So let's throw in a few pleasurable experiences for it, like:

  • Travelling and adventure

  • Having wonderful food to eat