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Take a Daily Vacation everyday for 30-days.

"Huh? Daily Vacation? Siao ah, where got so much money!" Don't worry lah friend and read on! Introducing you to the concept of Savouring.

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Life can get pretty busy sometimes. So much so that we take for granted the simple things that make our lives really enjoyable.

As Singaporeans, we're always rushing through our work week.

Always trying to get as much stuff done as possible, we drink our Kopi's on the go. We get to work and straight-away dive into the Tsunami of emails that came through in the morning.

During our one-hour lunch break, we speed through our food or even tabao and have it at our desk. Very good hor, looks like you're working hard. Hopefully your boss will see.

Around 5pm, things start to look better. Almost home time! Cannot wait sia.

When it's finally time to leave the dungeon that is our offices, we chiong home on our buses and trains while also streaming our Korean dramas or playing our mobile games.

For the few precious hours we in the evenings, we get home, eat dinner, hang out with family, watch more TV, and go to sleep.