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Active Listener | ADHD | Likes Koalas

A bit about me. 

Hello there!

My name is Ben and my hobbies include singing and telling bad jokes. I'm currently in the final year of my undergraduate degree in Psychology and am genuinely thrilled by the chance to connect with you and be a part of your journey this season.

Understanding both myself and the people around me has always been a meaningful challenge for me. Dealing with ADHD has further shaped the obstacles I encounter while forming strong relationships. This is why Psychology resonates with me so deeply. Whether through classes, audiobooks, or even YouTube, I've gradually uncovered a richer understanding of who I am and learned to embrace even the quirkiest aspects of my personality.

My aspiration to become a full-fledged therapist has always been rooted in the longing to be the friend I wished I had during my younger days. A friend who understands, supports, and accompanies those, like me, who are still navigating the journey of self-discovery. My experience in active listening spans over two years, and I'm eagerly looking forward to welcoming new connections and growing both as a listener and as an individual.

Rest assured, there's still much for me to learn. So, I'm hopeful that together, we can delve into the intricacies of life, supporting each other through its occasionally daunting challenges.

Booking Policy (Important)

Advanced Booking Required:

Bookings are shown only for the next 30 days and close 48 hours before the session begins.



Rescheduling disclaimer:

  • Hear buds may not always be available on the slots you have booked them for.

  • The admin team will email you to reschedule if the hear bud is not available.


  • Our Hear Buds will leave the call after 10 mins if you don't show up.

  • We'll need an email verification from you if you wish to book again after a no-show.

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