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Listener | Introvert | Sometimes anxious person

A bit about me. 

When there is no one else to speak to at the moment, when things seemed so overwhelming that you needed to put things into perspective, when you need to vent all your frustrations, or when you just need a listening ear.

I am usually a relatively quiet person. The person in the corner somewhere while others mingled around. The person whom maybe everyone knows a little but not too much. I tend to think things through rather slowly at times, and especially when things are new. (Thinking too many steps ahead, so do tell me if I pause for too long, so I can be aware of it!)

Growing up, I did not have others to talk to, and will unconsciously be anxious a lot. But it is normal to be anxious at certain situation though. If you are socially anxious too, I hope to be "that someone" that you could talk to!


Booking Policy (Important)

Advanced Booking Required:

Bookings are shown only for the next 30 days and close 48 hours before the session begins.



Rescheduling disclaimer:

  • Hear buds may not always be available on the slots you have booked them for.

  • The admin team will email you to reschedule if the hear bud is not available.


  • Our Hear Buds will leave the call after 10 mins if you don't show up.

  • We'll need an email verification from you if you wish to book again after a no-show.

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