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Psychology Graduate | Expat

A bit about me. 

Hello there! I'm Jeslin 😊

I'm a psychology graduate and my motivation to pursue psychology is because I want to help others who are facing mental health challenges.

When I was younger, I encountered struggles adapting to a new school. When I confide in others, instead of feeling heard, I felt belittled as I was bombarded with advices before even fully expressing my concerns. However, talking to my counselling teacher helped me a lot. Looking back at it now, I realise what helped me was the way she actively listened without judgement. The experience helped me realize the importance of having someone who genuinely listens and it inspired me to be that person to other people.

I'm still figuring things out, but I'm committed to create a safe and welcoming space where you can share openly. I still have a lot to learn, but I'm here to provide a compassionate ear whenever you need it <3

Booking Policy (Important)

Advanced Booking Required:

Bookings are shown only for the next 30 days and close 48 hours before the session begins.



Rescheduling disclaimer:

  • Hear buds may not always be available on the slots you have booked them for.

  • The admin team will email you to reschedule if the hear bud is not available.


  • Our Hear Buds will leave the call after 10 mins if you don't show up.

  • We'll need an email verification from you if you wish to book again after a no-show.

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