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Need more help?

If you need advice, therapy that is beyond the capabilities of our HEAR BUDS, here are some local services to check out.

If you're after more formal counselling and therapy sessions, we can link you up with Counselling Trainees who are fulfilling their practicum hours. Don't worry, they are under clinical supervision and are very capable to help.

Enquire here.

Suicide Helpline.

If you have thoughts of suicide or of harming yourself or others, please contact the Samaritans of Singapore at 1-767


SomethingNew App.

If you need advice or want to speak to a counsellor, download the SomethingNew App on Android or Apple. It's an absolutely free, text-based counselling app where you can speak to trained counsellors immediately.

Institute of Mental Health

Speak to the Institute of Mental Health if you are struggling with Mental Health or suspect you have a Mental Health Disorder at 6389 2222.

Singapore Association for
Mental Health

Speak to the Singapore Association for
Mental Health
 if you are struggling with Mental Health or suspect you have a Mental Health Disorder at 1800-283-7019.

Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE)

If you are facing sexual assault, talk to someone at AWARE at 6779 0282.


Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support

Babes is a supportive place to get advice on teenage pregnancy at 8111 3535.


ComCare Social Service

If you are facing financial difficulties, call ComCare. Available 7am - 12 midnight, Mon to Sun at



MSF National Anti-Violence Helpline (NAVH)

If you or someone you know are facing violence or abuse, call NAVH at 1800-777-0000. Available Mon-Sun, 24 hours.

Tinkle Friend

Tinkle Friend is a national toll-free helpline for primary-school-aged children in Singapore. It provides support, advice, and information to lonely and distressed children. Helpline is available from Mon-Fri, 2:30pm-5pm and online chat is Mon-Thu, 2:30pm-7pm and Fri 2:30pm-5pm.

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