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Your Healing Journey starts here.

Get TWO TYPES of 1:1 confidential support with us.


Hear Buds


Counsellors | Therapists

It All Starts Hear (IASH).SG is a registered social enterprise that aims to make mental health more Approachable and Accessible.

Seeking support doesn't have to be daunting or expensive :)


What kind of support do you need?

Hear Bud

A trained listening buddy

Pick me if:

  • You want a share your troubles

  • You prefer an informal chat

  • You'd like to choose a buddy who can relate to your struggles 

Ages 18+

Zoom voice or video call

Always free of charge :)

Counsellor / Therapist

A mental health professional

Pick me if:

  • You want to speak to a professional

  • You're okay to pay a fee

  • You can choose your preferred counsellor

Ages 13+

Zoom video / In-person

See more below :)

We run small peer support groups and fun mental health events too :)

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Support our Cause through our Merch :)

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Hear Buds

Our Hear Buds are Trained Peer Supporters. Read their profiles and find someone whose story resonates with yours.

We practice Person-Centered Listening to truly understand you, then collaborate with you to move forward :)

Best yet? It's absolutely free.

Sometimes all we need is a non-judgmental listening ear. 

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Help a youth's healing journey through our crowdfunding program.

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What people have said about our Hear Buds

"HEAR BUD was very friendly, caring and gave me lots of questions to think about, and shared his insights. It was a really meaningful session."

Female, 30s

"Days after the session, whenever I feel down, I still think back to all the encouraging things my HEAR BUD said to me and encourage myself the same way as well!"

Female, 20s

"My Hear Bud was also open to sharing her experiences with me, which made me feel like I wasn't alone in facing such a situation."

Female, 20s

Counsellors | Therapists


Looking for 1:1 Counselling?

We link you up with experienced Resident Counsellors offering subsidised rates at our Holland Village private practice (location below).

Our Resident Counselling Clinic :)


We were recognised by Minister Masagos and Singapore Kindness Movement!

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A Social Enterprise proudly supported by: 


Community Resources.

Youtube | Podcasts | Discord | Mental Health Stories

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Join the Team!

Be the light in someone's life.



It all started with a few Singaporeans who went through their own struggles in life. At times, we found it difficult to find someone we could really talk to.

We came together wanting to make a real change in our society - to create a community of people, who are willing to hear, listen, understand, and accept anyone.


So basically...

It All Starts Hear!

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