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Creating Psychologically SAFE Workplaces

Going beyond just "EAPs"

IASH.SG provides accessible and affordable consultations and training with organisations to achieve holistic workplace wellbeing on several tiers:




Raising Psychologically SAFE Ambassadors / Champions

Training for dedicated employees in peer support, mental health first aid, being trauma-informed, and basics of suicide prevention.




Creating Psychologically Safe GROUPS within the organisation

Here, we go a step further to train ambassadors to be facilitators, capable of holding small group and mental health-focused events within the company to further enhance safety and inclusion.



Deeper assessment on workplace wellbeing and employee pain points.

We run confidential focus groups with employees to understand workplace challenges and combine this data with evidence-based research to build a healthier workplace.​




Continued training for ALL organisational levels

Based on the identified needs of the organisation, we collaborate to create bespoke programs. E.g. conflict resolution, dealing with workplace bullying, empathetic leadership training, communicating boundaries and personality workshops etc.


All consultations above are conducted by our executive director Hernping Ang.

A trained organisational psychologist and therapist, and a Founding Member of the national workplace Well-being Champions’ Network (inaugurated by Minister of State (Manpower) Ms Gan).

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)


Many EAPs fail because they lack the due transparency and confidentiality processes that become barriers for employees to seek out these resources. We work directly with the stakeholder team to put these processes in place and utilise the best-of-organisational psychology principles to encourage trust, safety, and utility in using these programmes :)

Benefits of being a recognised partner:

Private Enterprises: 10% off our counselling services

Social Enterprises / Charities: 20 - 30% off our counselling services

For enquiries:

Whatsapp: 8780 1095


Our Employee Wellbeing Partners.

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