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Hi, I'm Lin.


Hi, I’m Lin! I am a trained counsellor; someone willing to walk with you when you need some emotional support.


My approach to counselling aligns with the belief that everyone has a right to their feelings.
Having been through quite a fair bit in my life, I know life can be tough at times. What is ‘normal’ to some may not be ‘normal’ to everyone, and what is considered a ‘given’ may be a ‘privilege’ for others. 
If you are feeling lost, anxious, overwhelmed, or helpless, and need someone to go through this journey with you, I am willing to do that. I believe you have the capability to overcome the obstacles you are facing now. 
Together, we will validate your feelings, seek clarity, and work together to help you feel more empowered and capable of change.

Why speak to me?

Being a wounded healer, I know how difficult things can be. 
Sometimes, we find it difficult to share with our close ones how we feel. We are worried about being judged, dismissed, labelled, or told what to do. At times, we feel that we are adding burden to their lives by sharing too much.
I will listen to you with an open mind, validate your feelings, empathise, and support you emotionally.

I have helped people manage their emotions, navigate challenging situations, and learn to cope with various issues, including:

  • Low self-esteem, anxiety, or depression.

  • Relationship problems, whether in romantic, work, friendship, or family contexts.

  • Childhood trauma.

  • Burnout.

  • Major life changes.

  • Asperger's syndrome.

  • Negative thoughts.

  • Feeling lost while trying to please others.

  • Communication problems.

  • Difficulties conceiving, pregnancy complications, or child developmental issues. 


My Availability


  • In-person sessions: Monday-Sunday (10a.m. to 5p.m.)

  • Zoom sessions: Monday-Sunday (9a.m. to 9p.m.)


My Hourly Rates

  • $80 per hour

  • Further subsidies: $56 - $72 per hour


  • English 

  • Mandarin



  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology (accredited by Singapore Association for Counselling)

  • Bachelor of Accountancy, Honours – Nanyang Technological University


  • Singapore Association for Counselling (Provisional Clinical Member)

  • Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (Certified Accountant)

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