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Head of Career Guide Recruitment!

My Story

I am semi-retired after 20 years as a CEO and have been doing business advisory work and serving as independent director.


The past decade has been especially rewarding, working closely with entrepreneurs such that I developed close relationships as their mentor. I am like their sounding board for ideas as well as giving different perspectives. My past career working for a US global company is another source of rich experiences and being able to put on the lens of an employee as well as that of CEO (would love sharing my career stories).


This project gets me excited as listening and helping people in their work and life decisions gives me a renewed sense of purpose. As I look back, I wish I had the wisdom of life and a voice to guide me along the way. Well, the next best thing now is to help others along their journey and be their sounding board (perhaps Sounding Board should be my nickname 😊).


Whether it’s about career dilemma or about taking the next steps in life or business decisions, call on me anytime.

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