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13 Signs of a High-Functioning Depressive Disorder.

Are you feeling a little down, most of the time?

High-functioning Depression is a real thing.

People with high-functioning depression can function mostly normally from day-to-day. They are able to go to school, perform well at work, keep up with financial and household responsibilities, and even appear to be perfectly well on the outside.

Their suffering is invisible, and on the inside it feels like a constant struggle to get through the day. Remember this too, despite it being called 'high-functioning', it's not the same as normal functioning. Your quality of life will still be affected.

Though the symptoms of a high-functioning depression may not be as severe as Major Depression, it can have serious consequences if not addressed and treated. You are at risk of experiencing episodes of Major Depression if left untreated.

Severity aside, high-functioning depression is a prolonged form of depression. Thus, high-functioning depression is usually diagnosed by clinicians or psychiatrists as Persistent Depressive Disorder (PDD). To be diagnosed with PDD, one criteria is that the individual experiences a depressed mood most days, for most of the day, for a minimum of two years.

Below are thirteen signs and symptoms of PDD.