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8 things Singaporeans say that keep Mental Health Stigma alive.

Know a friend who says some of these things? Let them know they might be preventing people who need help from seeking it.

Mental health issues affect one in every seven Singaporeans. It's very likely there is someone in your life now that could use some support.

One of the barriers that prevents someone from seeking professional help, is the fear of repercussions in their careers, family and social lives.

They might worry about being judged for having a mental illness, or whether people will think lesser of them for seeing a Psychiatrist or Psychologist. Because of the Stigma attached, friends and family might shun them.

They may also be concerned about what would happen if their workplaces find out they have depression, even though a visit to a Psychiatrist or Psychologist is entirely confidential.

All these concerns stem from Mental Health Stigma. It's such a serious issue that nearly 80% of those experiencing a mental illness don't seek help.

So yes. Mental health stigma is very much alive in Singapore.

Everybody can play a part.

Even if you personally don't know someone who is experiencing