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BLAST: 5 Steps to Curb your Anger.

Are toxic people making you angry often? Here's 5 principles from Acceptance & Commitment Therapy to help you deal with it.

Today I had the misfortunate of meeting an annoying pr*ck.

What happened made me angry. Like really, really blisteringly angry.

I usually go for a long swim at my condominium pool around the mid-afternoon. That's the time when it's most empty, and I get the luxury of swimming without having to snake my way through kids playing with water guns or bumping into some floating toddler.

The pool is an odd-shaped pool. It's something like a gigantic hour-glass. When the pool is empty, I usually swim straight down the middle, from top-to-bottom of the hour-glass.

Inevitably, there might always be another avid swimmer wanting to swim at the same time. We would still both try to swim along the same path, but have the "common sense" to keep a distance from one another and give each other space.

Unfortunately, common sense is uncommon and I met someone who decided to claim the whole pool for himself.

Let me get this straight - I was there alone in the pool first.

Since there was nobody else in the pool, I was swimming my usual laps straight through the middle.