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Finding it hard to make new friends?

Try these 4 GIVE skills.

Meeting new people and turning them into friends is not easy for everyone.

I've actually been posting a series on Instagram about "Stories of Singaporeans about Loneliness" for a while now. You'll be surprised by how many people out there are feeling lonely.

Really, I cannot stress this enough, you are not alone in your loneliness.

Much of loneliness comes from a deep need to connect with someone at an intimate level. We all strive for such deep connections, whether platonically or romantically.

Yet, sometimes this doesn't come easy.

"Everyone saying that their years in school were the best time of their lives, they made lots of friends, went to parties. But for me it's not like that. I am quite shy and find it hard to mix. Is there something wrong with me?"

Let me assure you, there's nothing wrong with you.

Yet, a common thread amongst people who are experiencing loneliness is a difficulty in finding new friendships and maintaining them.