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Are your arguments getting in the way of your relationships?

Try taking an third-party observer's view.

This picture showcases what bad acting looks like.

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Nobody has a perfect relationship with their partner. If they say they do, they are probably lying.

Fighting and arguing can introduce a heck lot of negativity into our relationships.

In the heat of all the emotions, our arguments can get nasty really quickly. Perhaps plates are thrown, walls are punched, or someone leaves the house altogether.

It takes a while for emotions to fully dissipate. Until they do, the pent-up feelings lead to periods of silence and avoidance of each other.

It sends our precious relationships into decline.

I recently spoke to a friend who was telling me about his arguments with his partner.

He shares that it's usually the same topic they argue about each time. Yet these arguments are the only thing getting in the way of their blossoming relationship.