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12 Signs You're Working in a Toxic Company.

And how toxic workplaces triples your risk of Depression.

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Are you wondering whether it's finally time to leave your job?

I recently wrote an article that talked about finding Meaning at work. In short, I shared the four dimensions of meaningful work and how I used research-based principles to help make the last few months at my ex-company moderately more enjoyable.

It garnered a number of emails, with common questions being:

"How do I know when to give up trying to find Meaning in my work?"

"Can I still find Meaning when I hate my job?"

Well, the simple answer is this - Even if you did find some semblance of Meaning in your current job, as long as your workplace is toxic to you, you are probably never going to be happy.

Mind you, in the previous article, focusing on finding meaning in my work served mainly to change my inner world - it helped me refocus my attention, find space to pursue my interests and built friendships with people I cared about.