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The Three "Profiles" of Burnout.

Find out what your unique burnout profile is.

Congrats Singapore. We are the "Most Fatigued Country in the World".

Well at least according to a study published by Channel News Asia. But wait, that's not the only finding from that study.

That same study also claimed that we are ranked second in terms of "most hours spent working per year".

Can you believe it? We work even more hours per annum compared to big brother China.

We've even gone on to surpass Japan's salaryman culture, which is often depicted by middle-aged men and women in suits whose lives are a never-ending cycle of work-drink-sleep-repeat.

Wow. When did that happen?

Well, I guess it has slowly become more apparent in our daily office culture. If somebody actually bothered to poll what most Singaporeans say the first thing they get to work in the morning, it will probably be:

"Wah, so tired man".