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Today, I Am the Same Age as my Mother When She Died.

"Hey mom, it's me". A gratitude letter to my dear mom.

Today, I am 35 years, 7 months, and 17 days old - the same age as my mother when she died.

Today marks a significant day for me. For the longest time, I never thought I would live to be this age.

I shared a fuller story here, but my mother's sudden and premature passing when I was merely Five set me down of a path of fragile immortality. This lasted for most of my childhood and adolescence life.

From the lens of a child's eyes, I had believed for the longest time that life was a brittle glass cup that could shatter at any moment.

People could disappear for no reason, just like my mom did. And so could I.

Nearly thirty years have passed since the last time I saw her. Those days are hazy remembrances of visits to the hospitals and a melancholic home environment in my mind.

Yet, thirty years have passed. I stand different now, a grown man, with an entire past to look behind me.

Just like she did when she died.