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"Worry Time": A simple practice to help with constant anxiety.

Try out this simple practice to deal with dread and feelings of impending doom.

Anxiety can really steal away a lot of our precious times.

I recently spoke to a very capable and once-joyful person. This post is really dedicated to her. Unfortunately, this young person's joy was all but stripped away as she's found herself presently in a job with a toxic and abusive boss.

The core of what's happening is this - every Thursday and Friday, there is a zoom team meeting where her team would update each other about what's happening in the week.

Her boss might appear sometimes or not appear on the meeting at all.

When he does appear, he would take turns interrogating each of the team members to "prove" that they've done work this week. When he isn't satisfied with their "testimonies", he would verbally scold or decry that team member.

It goes up to the level of shouting at the person in front of everyone else. Swear words included.

It's horrendous - I know.

She plans to quit soon and is currently trying to find a new job. Yet, for the moment, she's stuck.