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Yes, "Sunday Depression" is a real thing.

Three reasons why you might be experiencing this.

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"I hate Sundays. Why do I get so sad".

If the above sounds familiar, then the following might be relatable for you as well.

Sunday morning, you wake up and are jet-set ready to enjoy the last day of your weekend. All seems to be going well in the morning and even up till lunchtime.

However, sometime around then, a sense of dread seems to sink in.

Your mind starts to go into panic mode because you've felt this way before. You feel overwhelmed and even a bit physically ill. You find yourself thinking about why the weekend is ending so quickly, and start to get distraught thinking about the work week ahead.

Whatever you do, you can't seem to bring yourself to enjoy your Sunday. There's a sense of hopelessness or depression. It's no use even when you tell yourself:

"Sunday's are part of the weekend, I should be feeling happier!"

Yet, it doesn't get any better. Your Sunday eve