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Hear Bud Intake Resources

1. You're here after the Intake Call!

If you've been sent this page - congrats! We recognise that you have the qualities of a warm, friendly, genuine and caring listener.

Here are the next steps below :)

2. Fill in our Volunteer Form

On 1) confirmation of intake and 2) if you're happy to go through the training, do download the form below and send it back to us at

Download the form here

3. Go through our Training 

Currently, we don't have set training schedules in place. Forgive us, we are still pretty new!


We arrange training based on inflow of volunteers, so don't mind us getting in touch with you directly to schedule the training.

We have three levels of training:

1. Full course is 2 x 1.5 sessions if you don't have prior experience.

2. Intermediate course is 2 hours if you have prior experience practicing Active Listening.

3. Fast-track course is 0.5 hour if you are already studying social work or counselling and have the relevant experience. This is mainly to align and setup of your profile as per below.

During training, we will also do setup of your zoom details on the platform.

The website automatically generates zoom links when someone books you. This is meant to keep your personal information / email private from the callers too :)

4. Write your Hear Bud Profile

This is your profile so feel free to share what you're comfortable sharing.

Have a think about what are some of the relevant struggles you have had that would make someone feel comfortable speaking to you.

There's no right or wrong here.

Oh and do send us a nice smiling photo of yourself to too :)

5. Lastly, join a Peer Group and go live!

When you've managed to go through all the above steps, the final bit is for us to add you to a what we call a "Peer Group".

This is where we will update you if someone books you, or if you need to reschedule or change the appointments.

Also, we use this group to share our learnings and reflections from calls, as well as ask for ideas on what to do as well.

The idea is that while we are supporting others out there, we need to make sure we support one another too. So yeah! Thanks for being onboard and looking forward to getting to know you better friend!

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