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Hi, I'm Shu Min.

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Hello! My name is ShuMin and I am trained counsellor based in Singapore. 


Appreciate you taking the time to read my profile and it is encouraging that you have taken the initial steps to seek support.

I am firm believer of the resilience and strengths within each of us. I seek to be part of your journey to uncover your inner values to help you shape the life you imagine for yourself and your loved ones.

Whatever started your search for support, the very action of reaching out and seeking help shows great courage and strength.


Why speak to me?


The only thing that can be predictable in life is its unpredictability. It is all right to feel angry, irritable, frustrated, sad and the list goes on. My key goal is to cultivate a warm and compassionate space to uncover more about the authentic you.

I am here if you need an unyielding support and unbiased perspective to overcome the overwhelming emotions and thoughts.  We can work together to build new and supportive thoughts that will increase your confidence and calmness.

I will also collaborate with you to identify root drivers of your experiences and create a personalized healing plan. With the right tools and support, the process can help you tap into your innate strengths to unknot the issues you are facing.

As your therapist, I am here with you to create a unique journey in our sessions to reach your goals.


I've helped people:


  • In all relationship & interpersonal matters

  • Through anxiety and depression

  • Cope with traumatic experiences

  • In grief/loss situations

  • In self-esteem issues to discover inner values & feel empowered to tackle issues that matter most

  • Journey through the most difficult and challenging times

  • Manage change in a positive manner

  • In career counselling & navigate through corporate environments

  • Handle burn-out and fatigue at work

  • In their self-exploratory and discovery journey

  • Manage childhood trauma and ongoing manifestations


My Availability


In-person sessions: Weekdays & Saturdays

(For Saturdays: mornings & afternoons only)

Zoom: Weekdays & weekends


My Hourly Rates

  • $80 per hour.

  • $56 - 72 if applicable for subsidies


  • English

  • Mandarin



Post-Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology (accredited by Singapore Association for Counselling)


Singapore Association for Counselling (Provisional Clinical Member)

Submit the form below to book a session with me :)

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Further Subsidies Available

Financial Assistance Subsidy

(30% off)

Blue Chas Card / Letter of referral from charity / One of our Social Enterprise EAP partners (click here for full list)

For Students Subsidy

(30% off)

For up-to undergraduate students paying for counselling on their own. Show student card :)

"Heart work Subsidy

(20% off)

This subsidy are for teachers and frontline healthcare professionals. Thank you for your service!

Partner EAP Organisations

(10% off)

Contact us if you wish to partner with us :)

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