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Hernping: An Open Letter to Those Who Are Struggling.

When no one else believes how tough it is for you, I do. I've been there too.

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Hi I'm Hernping.

To whoever you are, thanks for reading this. I wanted to write this open letter in light of the recent series of incidents involving mental health distress amongst our youths in Singapore.

If you are struggling, then this letter is for you too.

Just two weeks ago, the incident at River Valley High sent a shock through all of us. We never imagined such a terrible incident would occur in our schools.

Today saw the development of yet another potentially public case involving a youth in distress.

Circulating quietly on our social channels, there is a video recording of a young girl, seemingly in her school uniform, who climbed over the MRT barriers and onto the train tracks.

We still don't know the full story, or her reasons for doing so. Whether she was attempting suicide, or whether it was a cry for attention. We don't know. Yet, one thing's for certain - it's a genuine sign of mental distress.

I felt a deep emotion crawl up into me as I watched those videos. I felt genuinely worried. I felt saddened and concerned for her.