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Find out what your Top 5 Signature Strengths are.

Psychology recognises a total of 24 signature strengths in the world. Find out what your top strengths and start using them in your life!

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Have you ever stopped to ask yourself "What are the strengths that define who you are as a Person?"

If you haven't and are not quite sure what yours are, don't worry just yet. Statistically, two out of every three people don't have a meaningful awareness of what their strengths are too.

What's even more common is that most people don't make use of their own personal Signature Strengths enough. We underuse them even though its sitting right there under our noses.

Now, if you've spent your entire life not knowing what your strengths are, while allowing them to lay dormant instead of doing something great with them, wouldn't that seem like such a waste of your talents?

Well, in this short article, we'll not only be uncovering what your Top Five Signature Strengths are, but learning how to use them in a way that will boost your happiness and purpose in life.

What is this Signature Strengths thing all about?

Well, in each of us, there exists a core set of strengths that make up who we are as a person, right this very moment. It might have been innate and born in us, or something that we've knowingly or even unknowingly cultivated throughout our lives.